VERSUS THE GHOST is a trio of musicians who make cinematic instrumental music using guitars, piano, drums and synthesisers to create dense, rich textures and tones. This project began in the Autumn of 2016, born of friendship and pure love of art and music. After Matt and Nick co-wrote together an early demo of the now titled “Safe Here”; their first ever collaborative effort, the end result proved to be a blend of differing styles and influences that sounded very natural, and it soon became apparent that this was meant to turn into something more than just friends writing for fun. Soon enough László was on board to provide the beats and they began writing more material together, gradually evolving into something more cohesive. But to make an album they had to endure a unique creative process…
Matt and Nick lived in the UK and László lived in Hungary so the whole album was made across two separate countries. It was a fun and interesting approach and, thanks to the sheer wonder of the internet, relatively straight forward; The two guys from the UK would write and record loads of ideas (mostly composed with piano, synthesisers and guitars) and, using computers, send them approximately 1.4 thousand digital miles across the world to the guy in Hungary who, like a enraged orang-utan, would bash his drums in a way that sounded good until his knuckles wept blood. Different versions of drums were made and sent back to the UK and then arranged in ways that best complimented the instrumentation of the track. This approach came with it’s own set of inevitable hardships and limitations (ie. crap internet, communication breakdowns, time restraints, computers bailing on them, insufficient supply of coffee, etc), but made them even more determined to finish what they started.
In the Spring of 2017 they finally released their self-titled debut album; a collection of seven tracks, each with it’s own story to tell but conceptually connected to tell one larger story of life’s bittersweetness and the emotional challenges we face along the way. They wanted to elicit an emotional connection through crafting provocatively atmospheric, instrumental soundscapes blended with the characteristics of modern rock music; piano, delicately intertwined guitars and heart pounding drums.
This was their starting point. The next chapter will soon begin.
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