Creativity isn’t just a hobby but a way of life. It gives us purpose, nourishes the soul and helps us make others see what we see, feel what we feel. Our passion for art stretches far beyond music alone – some of us like to draw and photograph things as well. Art is an ever present thing that constantly inspires us and enables us to grow and mature, and will always be a vital aspect of the music we make.

Paintings by Natcha Kucita
Natcha is a good friend of ours and we collaborated artistically during the making of our album debut. Sometimes she would be with us in the studio, peacefully painting away as we played and recorded our songs. Our artistic visions were kinetically aligned and some of these paintings are emotive reflections of hers, while some others are just stand-alone pieces that simply show what a talent she is with a paint brush. All art for the album was created by her.
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Designs by Julian Van Wyk
These graphic designs were created by the very talented Julian (Jules) Van Wyk, a glorified doodler from Cape Town. Each design is a unique visual interpretation inspired by a track from our album and we were blown away when we first saw these.
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(All credit to these amazingly artistic people; thank you for your inspiration and for being a part of this.)