Matthew Berényi | Keyboards, Guitar, Programming
Nicholas Butler | Guitar, Keyboards
László Czimmermann | Drums 


Versus The Ghost was founded in 2016 and over the past year we wrote and recorded our entire debut album in separate countries, the UK where all the instrumentation was done and Hungary where all drums were done. Our debut album (imaginatively titled Versus The Ghost) was released on April 21st 2017.
Having evolved musically quite a lot since our first track was written back in the beginning of last year our hope for the album was to have a strong concept, the concept of an epic journey. The kind that holds you through the storm but shares with you the embrace of the soft warmth of sunlight in the aftermath, guides you through the sorrow and harm but rejoices with you in the bliss, carries you across the  desolate terrain, a seemingly endless voyage of solitude and toward the lush and soothing waterfalls that awaits you on the brink. Our album had to stand out somehow and be a sort of “soundtrack for the imagination” and with the deliberate absence of lyrics in our music we hope you will relate to it in a unique way and that it creates some sort of relevant visual journey that is unique and personal to you.
During the making of this album, original artwork was produced by our long-time friend and paint artist Natcha Kucita who collaborated with us on the idea of having the album mirrored in art form, which we felt would make the album multi-expressional. Each piece of art created for the album is a personal visual representation of hers however every one might see something different in it, but we wanted to evoke some kind of mental imagery that can’t be replicated.

Natcha Kucita

“Art is my inner purpose, a way of life, an expression of the soul. Versus the Ghost was born out of serendipity, friendship and fate. We all share the very same purpose. We didn’t know what would become out of the random conversations, sketches to paintings and music creation. We just want to collaborate and create something inspiring. Here we are now, formed as a band, allowing our lives to become symphonies – leaving a message to the world and imprints to all that cross our paths.”
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In the near future, we will be releasing a second (and very different) album (eventually, when life calms down…), and hope to also score music for an independent movie or short film.

Please enjoy our music and thank you for visiting.